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What is Domestic Violence?

The continuing crime and problem of the physical beating of a wife, girlfriend  or children, usually by the woman's male partner (although it can also be female  violence against a male). It is now recognized as an antisocial mental illness. Sometimes a woman's  dependence, low self-esteem and fear of leaving cause her to endure this conduct  or fail to protect a child. Prosecutors and police often face the problem that a  battered woman will not press charges or testify due to fear, intimidation and  misplaced "love." Increasingly domestic violence is attracting the sympathetic  attention of law enforcement, the courts and community services, including  shelters and protection for those in danger. (www.thelaw.com)

Different Types of Domestic Abuse

Physical Abuse - pushing, kicking, punching, choking, slapping, or any action which causes bodily harm

Physical abuse is when an abuser uses force against the person being abused,  injuring them or putting them at risk of injury. This type of abuse includes  everything from physical restraint to murder.

Emotional Abuse - threatening, yelling or screaming, constant harassment, public embarassment, possessiveness, isolating you from family and friends, stalking

Emotional abuse is perhaps the hardest to detect, but is just as serious as  physical abuse. Emotional abuse can be verbal or nonverbal and can affect you  mentally, psychologically or emotionally.

Sexual Abuse - .forcing someone to have or perform unwanted sex or sexual activities, limiting someones sexuality and reproductive choices, forcing someone to look at or participate in pornography

Sexual abuse can happen in any  relationship, whether or not any other type of abuse is present. The abuser does  not have to be a stranger; they can be a spouse or intimate partner. Just  because the person is your spouse or intimate partner does not mean that you are  required to have sex with them if you don't want to.  Examples of sexual abuse

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